La Nuova Era's Story

Back in 1999, Fabio Argentini conceived an idea that gave rise to a Made In Italy brand, La Nuova Era, a true Made In Italy brand.

With over a decade of experience in designing and manufacturing professional and semi-professional coffee machines, La Nuova Era guarantees the know-how offering a scope of customized options that will meet your clients’ needs.

Our Made in Italy style sees every phase of our products manufactured and assembled by Gruppo Argentini within it's various departments.

Ongoing growth and our strong presence on foreign markets, which keeps expanding, La Nuova Era is currently available all around australia thanks to our dealers and distributors.

Manufacturing Process

Proud to have a product that is 100% Made in Italy. All our coffee machines embody high quality Italian components and are assembled by our expert staff locally in our warehouses near Venice.

La Nuova Era is a part of Gruppo Argentini, which comprises the established divisions Metal Global (www.metalglobal.it) and Quality Form (www.qualityform.it).

- Metal Global is a metalwork division that manufactures for third parties, but works especially to build the metal frames and parts for La Nuova Era.

- Quality Form is a plastic molding division that produces for third parties but also manufactures the sides and other parts of our coffee machines.